Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Altidore Gets Work Permit: Ready To Help Hull

Its official!

American striker Jozy Altidore has finally received his UK work permit and will be able to join Premiership side Hull, which opens the season this weekend against Bolton.


Jack Savidge said...

This linked article is dated 08/10, before US v. Mexico and Hull v. Chelsea. Does Jozy indeed have the permit?

Peter said...

ummm.. as Jack said above this was from the 10th. Jozy's work permit didn't go completely through, he missed last weeks loss to Chelsea, was in Bristol shooting an ESPN commercial yesterday, and is headed back to the UK today. Early word was that he wasn't going to be available this weekend but that might have changed now that his permit was completed.

Chris Courtney said...

Ooops, yeah they are playing Bolton on Saturday.