Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Donovan Linked To Bayern? Doubtful

This week Andrea Canales got the US faithful abuzz with a nice article on a potential Landon Donovan return to Europe. Your faithful vagabond has been sniffing about this week checking on the possibility that Landon Donovan has attracted interest from Bundesliga power Bayern Munich. So far the results indicate that people have taken Andrea's speculation and twisted it into something it is not; a rumor. Even when quoted in her article Donovan caveats the idea with the key phrase; "...if there is interest."

While Bayern coach Juergen Klinsmann is well aware of Donovan and his abilities, my spidey sense tells me its hard to see the club bringing him in as a 4th striker right now (unless someone gets injured). Even if Donovan came aboard, competing for playing time with Luca Toni, Miroslav Klose, and Lukas Podolski (three of Europe's most storied attackers) seems like a bridge too far.

So, as the MLS season winds to a close and Donovan's MLS contract comes up for renewal, expect more rumors and innuendo with the occasional fact popping out every now and then. We'll do our best to help you tell which is which (and welcome your inputs as well).

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