Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where is Gooch?

According to several Belgian press reports, Standard Liege does not know where to find its American defender Oguchi Onyewu. Despite much speculation about where Onyewu may transfer next year (Fulham, FC Cologne, French League), the team has started training and expected him at practice. Standard played a friendly match tonight against Amay without Onyewu and club officials report they have been trying to contact "Gooch" but have had no contact with him since June 22nd.

Is he taking a well deserved rest after a tiring year of club and international matches or are he and his agent trying to work out the perfect deal? Maybe both.


Stephen said...

What club do you think has the best chance of getting him?

Chris Courtney said...

I think Fulham will have more cash onhand than FC Koeln. Of course his agent places most of his players in the French League so I have a feeling we'll see someone like PSG, Bordeaux, or Lyon entering the fray.